Roadmaps for future-proof Purchasing & Supply Management

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International Supply Management Congress 2017-04-25T15:15:02+00:00

7th International Supply Management Congress, November 21st, World Trade Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Supply Management 2025: Making the shift happen…
Roadmaps for future-proof Purchasing & Supply Management

Corporations are being challenged by a rapidly changing world. The pace of innovation requires a delicate balance between vision, decisiveness and agility (flexibility). Purchasing & Supply Management has an important task in this. It can enable corporations and supply chains towards the needed transformations, thanks to its intelligence around suppliers and markets and its ability to break down borders between organizations and business functions.

Purchasing & Supply Management can take the lead in guiding them into the future:
– by identifying relevant (disruptive) innovations in the surrounding markets and supply chain
– by connecting with suppliers and other business functions
– by innovating business models together with its partners
– by guarding responsibility and creating purposefulness in the supply chain
– by managing the potential risks in the supply chain
– by defining and executing the right transformation projects

How do we start?
By setting course for a relevant future, or future relevance, while being constantly prepared to adapt to disruptive innovations. By initiating new business models and breaking down traditional barriers. And finally, by receiving the recognition from other business disciplines within the corporation and from our partners in the supply chain.
The 7th edition of the ISMC will address these challenges full on. What scenarios can we expect? And what actions are needed? How do you work the challenges? In an inspiring and interactive setting, thought leaders and innovative practitioners will discuss the art of staying relevant from the viewpoint of Purchasing & Supply Management. We go beyond identifying trends and defining challenges. We share roadmaps and actions already put in progress by industry leaders and innovators. What will be your next step(s) into your future? Stop talking, start acting!

We are very pleased to welcome you on November 21st 2017 as a participant, sponsor or speaker!


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Chairman Rens de Jong

Radio & TV anchor and Entrepreneur

Kate Vitasek

Lead researcher University of Tennessee and author, educator and architect of the Vested business model

Mara Swan

Vice chair World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Gender Parity and EVP Global Strategy and Talent, ManpowerGroup

Patricia Moser

Director Procurement Group of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Gerard Chick

Speaker, Autor, Thought leader. Director of Intelligence by Skandor Group