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Date and Venue

The 7th edition of the International Supply Management Congress takes place on November 21st 2017
in the World Trade Center (WTC), Beursplein 37, 3011 AA Rotterdam The Netherlands

About WTC Rotterdam

World Trade Center Rotterdam, WTC in short, is the ‘epicenter’ of international business in the Rotterdam region. The building’s specific qualities, the many facilities and the global successful WTC concept make WTC a challenging environment. A vibrant business center in the heart of Rotterdam, where companies operate 24 hours per day and where much talked about business events take place.

Full-service concept

The 37 available rooms vary in size and decoration, suitable for 10 to 1.000 persons and combined to a multiple of that amount. Every room in our unique, monumental building has it’s own ambiance. The perfect location that makes any kind of gathering a true experience.

In order to leave nothing to chance, at the Beurs-WTC Congress & Event Center quality and reliability are of primary importance. As an Accredited Congress Company we offer you a full-service concept. The 37 rooms and halls of the Congress & Event Center, with capacities ranging from 10 to 1.000, vary not only in size, but also in atmosphere and design. Each of them has its own ambiance, so a suitable location is guaranteed for everyone. Whether you are holding a national or international congress, trade fair, stylish reception, meeting, party or other event, the Beurs-WTC Congress & Event Center has the right space for the occasion!

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