Supplier collaboration at the high tech frontier…and beyond!

Derek Wallace, Vice President Procurement of the AMSL Company, presents his vision on supplier management

ASML invents and delivers advanced technology for high tech Lithography, Metrology and Software to the Semiconductor industry. An ASML lithography system contains tens of thousands of parts and almost all of them are manufactured by our global network of suppliers. The speed of innovation is very high and the iterations required to deliver the required functionality to ASML’s customers are multiple. This poses several very specific demands on our supply chain.

During the International Supply Management Congress on November 22nd we we will present our vision on supplier management in a best practice session. We intend to engage the participants in a dialogue with a panel of experts to explore some of our most pressing challenges – such as, how do you source what is not yet invented?

Derek Wallace is Vice President Procurement, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, ASML Holding, The Netherlands

Derek Wallace has held senior executive positions in multiple global companies, including CPO of Philips Semiconductors, subsequently NXP. He joined ASML in 2008 and currently heads its Global Procurement organization. Through advanced lithography solutions, ASML enables all of the world’s top chipmakers to manufacture ever smaller, more powerful and energy efficient chips. Derek’s organization sources and industrializes the high-tech subsystems for ASML products, while continuously assessing the supplier ecosystem to be able to bring knowledge, innovation and performance at increasingly demanding levels. Levels which are sometimes years ahead of industry norms.


Book release
On 28 September the book ‘Natlab – Kraamkamer van ASML, NXP en de cd’ (‘Natlab – incubator for ASML, NXP and the compact disc’) will be released at Bits&Chips Smart Systems. Authors Paul van Gerven and René Raaijmakers describe the research lab in great detail and make its impact on the technological world visible. Persevering myths like the lab’s hailed freedom are invalidated. Focus of attention are the wafer stepper, chips, the compact disc and displays. Be the first one to have a copy.
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asml_participant_ckc_seminarsAbout ASML
ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment. Our vision is to enable affordable microelectronics that improve the quality of life. To achieve this, our mission is to invent, develop, manufacture and service advanced technology for high-tech lithography, metrology and software solutions for the semiconductor industry. We are a multinational company with over 70 locations in 16 countries, headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. We employ more than 14,000 people on payroll and flexible contracts.

ASML is one of the partners of the Supply Management Congress on November 22nd in Rotterdam. Register now and get inspired by energizing sessions of 30 speakers and thought leaders: international keynotes, best practices, leading specialists, innovations, interactive workshops, start-ups and academic findings.