Innovation and leadership in finance and the supply chain

Magnus Lind about Innovation and leadership: key trends, innovative best practices and new roles for CPO vs CFO vs Treasurer

CFOs, Treasurers and CPOs remain under pressure from the board to lower costs, decrease lead times, and untie locked up capital. They are also expected to find new revenue streams and concentrate on increasing the customer value. We believe that all of this can be achieved by a focused and coordinated application of contemporary methodologies. It’s time to drag the corporate financial supply chain into the 21st century! In an interactive setting, Magnus will capture the key trends, share innovative best practices and discuss the new roles for CPO, vs CFO vs Treasurer.

Magnus Lind is CEO & co-founder by Skanör Group and is one of the speakers during the International Supply Management Congress, on November 22nd in World Trade Center Rotterdam.

About Magnus Lind
Magnus Lind is co-founder of The Talent Show, the founder of Treasury Peer and the CEO and co-founder of Skanör Group. He has a background as an international business executive in Europe, SE Asia and North America, and has founded companies in 8 different countries where he acted as CEO, board director, investor and entrepreneur. Magnus is an innovator to the financial supply chain theme and he has a thorough understanding of the global financial markets, corporate treasury/finance, financial information technology, business leadership, business models, organizational drivers, policy and regulatory framework. Magnus holds an MSc from Chalmers University of Technology in Industrial Management and the rank of Captain in the Swedish Armed Forces.

About the Supply Management Congress
The 6th International Supply Management Congress is the event to be for ambitious CxO’s, managers, academics, researchers and other professionals on Purchasing and Supply Management, Sourcing and cooperating end-to-end disciplines. And a unique platform for all companies and organizations offering services, knowledge or products for improving and innovating the supply process.

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