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Procurement 2020: Essential perspectives on success
Rotterdam Hall

How to become and stay meaningfull, connected and especially future-proof?
What makes Supply Management and Purchasing future-proof? In this animated debate, moderator Rens de Jong tries to find the secrets of success by interviewing and challenging 4 outspoken and inspiring professionals. Starring:

rens_de_jong_spreker_ckc_seminars kate_vitasek_spreker_ckc_seminars mara_swan_spreker_ckc_seminars



Chairman Rens de Jong, Radio & TV anchor and Entrepreneur
Kate Vitasek, Lead researcher University of Tennessee and author, educator and architect of the Vested business model
Mara Swan, Vice chair World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Gender Parity and EVP Global Strategy and Talent, ManpowerGroup
Patricia Moser, Director Procurement Group of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)




Breakout sessions round 1 (make your choice)

Track Innovation & Technology
Penn ll

A1: Supply Management enabling the chain with Industry 4.0 opportunities

Managing a complex supply chain network across many business partners is the day-to-day challenge for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Supply Chain to ensure fast and precise delivery of hundreds of customer orders per day. The application of big data, fast cross company system integration, cloud computing and other Industry 4.0 technologies enables continuous performance improvements, altogether halving cycle-times of complex solution orders over the last 3 years. These improvements are evolutionary ideas incubated by small working teams which when get elevated to EMEA and WW standards if successful.

jan_roodenburg_spreker_ckc_seminarsvolker_heinle_spreker_ckc_seminarsJan Roodenburg, VP EMEA SC & Operations, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Volker Heinle, Director EMEA Supply Chain Strategy and New Product Introduction, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Track Human Capital
Leeuwen ll

B1: Purchasing and social impact / Doing the right thing / Social participation: an example

The Buyer, grid company Alliander in the Netherlands, wanted to contract 2 parties to have the new smart electricity and gas meters installed in Dutch households and companies (3 Million households). Part of the requirements in the tender, done with the Best Value Procurement (BVP) purchasing methodology, was the maximum result in terms of social inclusion that the parties could offer. BAM Infra, one of the Sellers came after careful internal consideration with a promise / commitment that was quite better than expected. The focus of the presentation is about inciting the creativity of the Seller, and how this has worked to get more people with physical and/or mental limitations into a core process.

rob_beukeboom_spreker_ckc_seminarsbas_schultze_spreker_ckc_seminarsRob Beukeboom, CPO, Alliander
Bas Schultze, Managing Director, BAM Infra Connect

Track Supply & Finance
Goudriaan l

C1: Blockchain & logistics innovation

Martijn has identified logistic parties with interest for the Blockchain like the harbor, financial institutions, international auction company. This initiative has led to a broad consortium of logistic, supply chain and financial parties that are going to do research how the Blockchain could work for them. The end goal will be to have several working Blockchain applications for logistics and finance in optimizing the whole supply chain. There are a number of use cases identified around finance that I will present. The research will be done with knowledge institutes with in-depth knowledge of blockchain (TU Delft) and Supply Chain Finance (Windehseim).

martijn_siebrand_spreker_ckc_seminarsMartijn Siebrand, Program Manager Supply Chain Finance, Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (DINALOG)

Track Responsibility
Goudriaan ll

D1: Possibilities for our common future: relationships and shared dialogue to drive sustainable development….

The UN’s focus on SDGs is inspiring us to think about the possibilities, if we all engage together and drive these possibilities to reality. With the SDGs we are looking at transforming our world, and the UN and member states cannot do it alone. But transformation does not come from continuing to do the same-old, same-old, it comes from changing our approaches to problems, and providing innovative solutions to our joint clients, the people in need. It is about Procurement working with our stakeholders to envision the possibilities together and working to make them a reality.

patricia_moser_2_spreker_ckc_seminarsPatricia Moser, Director Procurement Group of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Track Academic meet Practice
Leeuwen l

E1: Moving away from the mainstream? A research project about how  companies are reconsidering their financial management to become part of the circular economy.

Our latest research project focuses on companies that have embraced the philosophy of circular economy.  In this philosophy, as little as possible waste is created during all life phases of products, which means the focus lies on sustainable production, optimal use (sharing and reuse) and recycling. These are commonly visionary companies that have thought of ways to tackle environmental problems by adopting innovative business models and new ways to interact with their customers. Not surprisingly, these companies are reconsidering how to attract capital and how to best manage their (financial) resources. We want to be part of this journey by doing research to share the key insights.

eric_roetman_spreker_ckc_seminarsEric Roetman, Researcher Supply Chain Finance, Windesheim University of Applied Science

Track Experts (two interlinked workshops untill 12.30)
Penn l

F1: Today’s Wicked World asks for Ambidextrous Leadership in Procurement

We all suffer from the increasing complexity in today’s globalised, volatile and interdependent world. Especially in Procurement we are increasingly confronted, both internally and externally, with conflicting interests and confusing challenges. Being a Procurement leader in this time flux is a challenge. Beyond technical expertise, today’s CPO needs to make strategic decisions in a changing dynamic environment. For example, we have to exploit efficiency in existing supply chains, while at the same time we are forced to explore new opportunities for innovation and capitalize on them. This necessitates inspired, authentic leaders capable of solving challenging business problems as a valued member of the C-suite. More than ever CPO’s have to demonstrate expertise in a broad range of areas, including regulation, globalisation, sustainability, technology, risk, transformation, stakeholder management, reporting, and, not at least, strategic talent management. In short, they need to be truly ambidextrous leaders.

In two interlinked workshops, we would first like to enable you to identify the wicked problems you are confronted with today and then to clarify what it demands from you as a procurement leader to tackle them. Are you courageous enough to become an ambidextrous leader? If so, join our Workshop!


frank_rozemeijer_spreker_ckc_seminarsDr. Jeroen Seegers, Managing Partner Leadership, Quaestus Executive Leadership
Prof. dr. Frank Rozemeijer, NEVI
professor of Purchasing and SCM at Maastricht University and program director of the NEVI Procurement Leadership Program


Breakout sessions round 2 (make your choice)

Track Innovation & Technology
Penn ll

A2: Supplier collaboration at the high tech frontier…..and beyond!!

ASML invents and delivers advanced technology for high tech Lithography, Metrology and Software to the Semiconductor industry. An ASML lithography system contains tens of thousands of parts and almost all of them are manufactured by our global network of suppliers. The speed of innovation is very high and the iterations required to deliver the required functionality to ASML’s customers are multiple. This poses several very specific demands on our supply chain. In this Best Practice session we will present our vision on supplier management. We intend to engage the participants in a dialogue with a panel of experts to explore some of our most pressing challenges – such as, how do you source what is not yet invented?

derek_wallace_spreker_ckc_seminarsDerek Wallace, Vice President Procurement, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, ASML, The Netherlands

Track Human Capital
Leeuwen ll

B2: Prepare yourself for the technological tsunami

Various technological developments will flood and disrupt our society and our businesses. In this presentation seven future technologies will be investigated including their impact on our society in the coming two decades. Robots including Artificial Intelligence will take over at least 50% of the present jobs. Future 3D Printing technologies and possibly nano factories will completely change the way we manufacture and process products. What will this mean for our society and businesses 20 year from now? What should you do to be prepared for this coming technological tsunami?

dik_bijl_spreker_ckc_seminarsDik Bijl, Author and Management Consultant, founder and director, DWB Organisatie Advies
Moderator: Rick Hof, NEVI Purspective

Track Supply & Finance
Goudriaan l

C2: Procurement and Finance: An Evolution

Alignment between finance and procurement seems a natural enough partnership as there is cross over between metrics, numbers and processes. However, for procurement to build a strong alliance with CFOs, Treasury and Financial Control, CPOs and their teams must not only be able to put themselves in finance’s shoes and support their objectives but also go beyond the numbers.

gerard_chick_spreker_ckc_seminarsGerard Chick, Director of Intelligence, Skanor Group

Track Responsibility
Goudriaan ll

D2: A New Approach to Preferred Provider Selection in Health Care

Since September 2013 Zilveren Kruis, the largest health insurer in The Netherlands, started a pilot for selecting preferred providers. The pilot used the principles of the Best Value Approach (BVA), a concept that focuses on replacing the traditional business model of  management, direction and control (MDC) with the utilization of expertise. In the BVA, the health care provider is in charge of defining key performance indicators for health care quality. Zilveren Kruis was the first worldwide to introduce the Best Value approach in selecting health care providers. In this session the lessons learned are shared. We will show how the BVA makes affordable quality the core topic in negotiations with providers.

jeroen_van_de_rijt_spreker_ckc_seminars philip_bos_spreker_ckc_seminarsJeroen van der Rijt, Co-owner, Best Value Group
Philip Bos, Zorginkoper, Zilveren Kruis

Track Academic meet Practice
Leeuwen l

E2: The Sense and Non-Sense of Early Supplier Involvement

Research shows that early supplier involvement helps companies to overcome uncertainty in the new product development process. However, new research shows that early involvement, by consulting suppliers in early phases of the development process, is not very important. Instead, carefully partitioning development tasks between the lead firm and its suppliers is what really drives innovation. In this session, we back these claims up with real case examples and scientific meta-analytical evidence. We look forward to a lively discussion about what this means for practice.
robert_suurmond_spreker_ckc_seminarsfinn_wynstra_spreker_ckc_seminarsRobert Suurmond, PhD candidate, Rotterdam School of Management
Finn Wynstra, Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management, Rotterdam School of Management


Lunch Break

Start-up Pitches by
13.00 – 13.10 Tradecloud: Stop purchasing: Real time supply chain integration with Tradecloud
13.10 – 13.20 WTP [What’s The Price]: Best should cost model in the world


ASML Challanges Workshop (12.55 – 13.35h)
Penn ll

30 seats available – sign-up require


Breakout sessions round 3 (make your choice)

Track Innovation & Technology
Penn ll

A3: Agile procurement: a paradigm shift?

Can the 4 values (just 68 words) of the “Manifesto for Agile Software Development“ trigger a similar paradigm shift in Procurement and transform its DNA to lead you into the new world of “As-a-Service” with its “endless” opportunities?
If Procurement wants to leverage the power of the “As-a-Service” economy, it will need to be ready to jump out of its comfort zone into a whole new world of value generating collaboration partnership: “Value Creation”, “Response to Change” and “Speed to Market” will be the new drivers.

marc_bruyninckx_spreker_ckc_seminarsMarc Bruyninckx, Founding partner, MBPO

Track Human Capital
Leeuwen ll

B3: The Big Disconnect in Your Talent Strategy, and How to Fix It

Organizations today have become incredibly sophisticated in how they track and analyze almost every aspect of their business, save one — talent. By some estimates, up to 80% of companies lack a reliable picture of their total workforce. The result? An often chaotic system of ad hoc work arrangements that is invisible to most leaders. But how can this be, at a time when talent is increasingly the key differentiator in the market? It is time for a new playbook.
Join Mara Swan for a discussion on how employers can start applying the same level of sophistication to people management as they do to finance or other business critical areas — optimizing speed, quality, cost and flexibility to balance value across total investment.

mara_swan_spreker_ckc_seminarsMara Swan,Vice chair World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Gender Parity and EVP Global Strategy and Talent, ManpowerGroup

Track Supply & Finance
Goudriaan l

C3: Win-win in OWC at Corporate and Supplier by using a bank’s capability

Supply Chain Finance allows suppliers access to additional funding sources without requiring additional credit facilities. Suppliers get their money early (reducing their DSO) while the bank provides financing for the period from collection to payment date. Financing cost is borne by the supplier and is usually lower than supplier’s cost of funds because supplier has access to a very competitive funding rate as Corporate is effectively sponsoring payment. Corporate extends its payment date (increasing DPO) creating a win-win solution. The additional non-financial benefits are usually supplier’s greatest advantage such as lower currency risks, improved credit rating, etc.

alexander_van_den_heuvel_spreker_ckc_seminars mark_landheer_spreker_ckc_seminarsAlexander van den Heuvel, Director Finance & Control, DSM Group Sourcing
Mark Landheer, Vice President, Seniot Advisor Supply Chain Finance Sales Advisory, Deutsche Bank

Track Responsibility
Goudriaan ll

D3: Perform to outperform together

At Philips we are constantly working on improving our performance. As leader in the field of sustainability we are being seen and rewarded for our constant drive to improve people lives. This also means teaming up with suppliers helping them to become more sustainable but also more cost effective. Our strategic process to come to the right topics to deal with, did lead to 5 core programs very future oriented without losing our actual status quo. One of them is our Sustainable Performance program, where we stepped out of our comfort zone (auditing) and are now implementing a new approach based upon joining forces without penalties.

marco_baren_spreker_ckc_seminarsMarco Baren, Head supplier development and supplier sustainability, Royal Philips

Track Academic meet Practice
Leeuwen l

E3: Creating procurement value together: Collective creativity as a key competence

Over the past decade the procurement function has gained in strategic importance. Focus has shifted from cost-cutting towards value-creation. Procurement professionals find themselves dealing with more strategically-oriented activities such as delivering innovation output, connecting with suppliers in search for new ideas and offering new solutions to sourcing problems. This not only requires procurement professionals to explore and unleash their own creativity. Owing to the complex nature and dynamic of sourcing problems, procurement professionals must connect and share with other stakeholders from within and outside their own organization to do so. This workshop introduces the principles of collective creativity in procurement, shares insights from recent research and allows participants to exchange and discuss their own experience and viewpoints.

nadine_kiratli_spreker_ckc_seminarsDr. Nadine Kiratli, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University

Track Experts
Penn 1

F2: Development of a Global Sourcing Framework

Five teams, each having similar (theoretical) capabilities, frameworks and data at their disposal, all work on a sourcing strategy. Chances are each team comes up with their own recommendations. How do we align between the frameworks to come to a more consistent development of the sourcing strategy? What decision logic is followed for each category, taking into account the strategic business objectives, current supplier performance and global supply markets? During the workshop we will provide answers to these questions.

jan_van_der_oord_spreker_ckc_seminars remko_ismc_spreker_ckc_seminarsJan van der Oord, Partner, A.T. Kearney
Remko de Bruijn, Principal, A.T. Kearney


Breakout sessions round 4 (make your choice)

Track Innovation & Technology
Penn ll

A4: Vested: How P&G, McDonald’s and Microsoft are Redefining Winning in Business Relationships

The 21st century demands businesses innovate, create value, and get sustainable results.  Kate Vitasek shares the real stories and real results of how organizations are using a Vested approach to achieve award winning results by redefining how they “win” in their business relationships.  Audiences will learn:

  • How giants like P&G and Microsoft are redefining winning.
  • The secret sauce for how McDonald’s inspires their supply chain suppliers to invest millions in innovations
  • How the Department of Energy turned one of the most toxic weapons sites into a wildlife refuge.
  • How a small business with big ideas is helping their clients achieve a 300% productivity increase.

kate_vitasek_spreker_ckc_seminarsKate Vitasek, Lead researcher University of Tennessee and author, educator and architect of the Vested business model

Track Human Capital
Leeuwen ll

B4: Millennials – Rewriting the Rules for Success

The internet generation, open to change, confident, YOLO, independent and valuing flexibility are all ways in which the millennials are described. It is also a generation is challenging traditional management styles and requires a different way of managing than the baby boomers and generation X. During this interactive workshop, together with two members of the Young Procurement Professional board, you will investigate who the millennial generation is and what their challenges are. Subsequently with support of research on the network organization we will explore how this generation can best be facilitated.

merel_van_engelshoven_spreker_ckc_seminars mark_jannsen_spreker_ckc_seminarsMerel van Engelshoven, Senior Project Leader Logistics, Heineken
Mark Janssen, Procurement and Supplier Manager,

Track Supply & Finance
Goudriaan 1

C4: Innovation and leadership in finance and the supply chain

CFOs, Treasurers and CPOs remain under pressure from the board to lower costs, decrease lead times, and untie locked up capital. They are also expected to find new revenue streams and concentrate on increasing the customer value. We believe that all of this can be achieved by a focused and coordinated application of contemporary methodologies. It’s time to drag the corporate financial supply chain into the 21st century! In an interactive setting, Magnus will capture the key trends, share innovative best practices and discuss the new roles for CPO, vs CFO vs Treasurer.

magnus_lind_spreker_ckc_seminarsMagnus Lind, CEO & co-founder, Skanör Group


Track Responsibility
Goudriaan ll

D4: Agfa Graphics’ Closed Loop Supply Chain for Printing Plates: An alluring business case

Starting from the life cycle analysis of an offset printing plate and the question to what extend the aluminum base of such plate could be recycled into a new, high-quality printing plate, the idea for a circular business model for printing plates grew, was evaluated and rolled out in Europe. Key to the success of this implementation is the win-win for all collaborating partners in the total supply chain.

peter_verschave_spreker_ckc_seminarsPeter Verschave, Director Safety Health & Environment and Product Regulatory, Agfa

Track Experts
Penn 1

F4: Supplier Rationalization – One stop shopping or spreading risks?

In today’s terms supplier rationalization is the optimization and prioritization of your supply base.  But the supplier landscape is changing with fewer companies each offering more categories and services. Also digitalization and data driven purchasing is growing rapidly and there is a growing number of marketplaces. This all doesn’t make the landscape easier to navigate for companies. Staples Business Advantage helps its customers by reducing complexity, taking costs out of the supply chain and acting as their trusted advisor to connect to and share; to simply make more happen. So what are the keys for a sustainable purchasing practice to help your business succeed and how do you find what is optimal for your company?

Hervé_Liboureau_spreker_ckc_seminarsMr. Hervé Liboureau, Sr VP Head, Staples Advantage Europe




Closing Keynote
Rotterdam Hall

Beyond procurement’s traditional delivery model – what might be next?
Businesses are creating flexible structures to enable them to adapt to the volatile markets and speed of technological change; so it is not unreasonable to expect a significant change in the way their procurement capability is met. In this session we will look at alternatives to the traditional procurement model.

gerard_chick_spreker_ckc_seminarsGerard Chick, Director of Intelligence, Skanor Group


Takeaways and closing remarks



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